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Valia Ventures is a global venture capital firm strategically investing capital from a coalition of the Middle East and North Africa's current and future business leaders.

We invest from seed stage to growth for both enterprise and consumer companies, partnering with visionary entrepreneurs turning ideas into market leading businesses. We empower them to grow their companies into the MENA market by leveraging our experience, network, and presence throughout the region. 

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Every aspect of Valia was intentionally designed to broaden access for portfolio companies to a dynamic international market of 380 million people.

We’ve assembled a coalition of leading family businesses from across the MENA region to act as investors, advisors, and customers for our portfolio companies. The process of aligning and engaging these relationships helps to accelerate growth and access to the market - providing an advantage for globally minded entrepreneurs. 


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We are a globally distributed team of investors, engineers, attorneys and business development experts between offices in San Francisco, New York, London and across the GCC.

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